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Maharajas' Express Schedule 2016-17 & 2017-18

The journeys of Maharajas Express either begins in Delhi or Mumbai. Each journey includes a tour to Agra for Taj Mahal sightseeing. The fixed departure dates of Maharajas Express journeys are mentioned below for season 2016-17 & 2017-18.

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Months Dates Journey
October, 2016Sat, 22ndThe Heritage of India
October, 2016Sun, 30thTreasures of India
November, 2016Wed, 2ndGems of India
November, 2016Sat, 5thThe Indian Panorama
November, 2016Sat, 12thThe Indian Splendor
November, 2016Sat, 19thThe Heritage of India
November, 2016Sun, 27thTreasures of India
November, 2016Wed, 30thGems of India
December, 2016Sat, 3rdThe Indian Panorama
December, 2016Sat, 10thThe Indian Splendor
December, 2016Sat, 17thThe Heritage of India
December, 2016Sun, 25thTreasures of India
December, 2016Wed, 28thGems of India
December, 2016Sat, 31stThe Indian Panorama
January, 2017Sat, 7thThe Indian Splendor
January, 2017Sat, 14thThe Heritage of India
January, 2017Sun, 22ndTreasures of India
January, 2017Wed, 25thGems of India
January, 2017Sat, 28thThe Indian Panorama
February, 2017Sat, 4thThe Indian Splendor
February, 2017Sat, 11thThe Heritage of India
February, 2017Sun, 19thTreasures of India
February, 2017Wed, 22ndGems of India
February, 2017Sat, 25thThe Indian Panorama
March, 2017Sat, 4thThe Indian Splendor
March, 2017Sat, 11thThe Heritage of India
March, 2017Sun, 19thJewels of India
March, 2017Sat, 25thThe Indian Panorama
April, 2017Sat, 1stThe Indian Splendor
April, 2017Sat, 8thThe Heritage of India
April, 2017Sun, 16thTreasures of India
September, 2017Sat, 30thThe Indian Splendor
October, 2017Sat, 7thThe Heritage of India
October, 2017Sun, 15thTreasures of India
October, 2017Wed, 18thGems of India
October, 2017Sat, 21stThe Indian Panorama
October, 2017Sat, 28thThe Indian Splendor
November, 2017Sat, 4thThe Heritage of India
November, 2017Sun, 12thTreasures of India
November, 2017Wed, 15thGems of India
November, 2017Sat, 18thThe Indian Panorama
November, 2017Sat, 25thThe Indian Splendor
December, 2017Sat, 2ndThe Heritage of India
December, 2017Sun, 10thTreasures of India
December, 2017Wed, 13thGems of India
December, 2017Sat, 16thThe Indian Panorama
December, 2017Sat, 23rdThe Indian Splendor
December, 2017Sat, 30thThe Heritage of India
January, 2018Sun, 7thTreasures of India
January, 2018Wed, 10thGems of India
January, 2018Sat, 13thThe Indian Panorama
January, 2018Sat, 20thThe Indian Splendor
January, 2018Sat, 27thThe Heritage of India
February, 2018Sun, 4thTreasures of India
February, 2018Wed, 7thGems of India
February, 2018Sat, 10thThe Indian Panorama
February, 2018Sat, 17thThe Indian Splendor
February, 2018Sat, 24thThe Heritage of India
March, 2018Sun, 4thTreasures of India
March, 2018Wed, 7thGems of India
March, 2018Sat, 10thThe Indian Panorama
March, 2018Sat, 17thThe Indian Splendor
March, 2018Sat, 24thThe Heritage of India
April, 2018Sun, 1stTreasures of India
April, 2018Wed, 4thGems of India
April, 2018Sat, 7thThe Indian Panorama

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