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Guest Carriages – What’s in a Name

by Gaurav
Double Bed Suites, Maharajas Express

Every car on board Maharajas Express has a name

“Manik” (Ruby), “Moonga ” (Red Coral), “Panna” (Emerald), “Moti” (Pearl), “Pukhraj” (Yellow Sapphire), “Heera” (Diamond), “Neelam” (Blue Sapphire), “Katela” (Amethyst) among others, each guest carriage of Maharaja Express is named after a gemstone.

And if you ask what’s in a name, you need to hop into one of these opulent carriages to realize that the interiors and state of the art amenities more than justifies why they are named after such rare and precious stones.

Junior Suite

Junior Suites

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