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Maharajas’ Express Facilities Offers Sense of Five Star Hotel on Rolling Wheels

by Gaurav
The Safari Bar

An astounding discovery took place in India with the arrival of Maharajas’ Express on the scene in 2010. A pan-Indian train which traverses the course of historically prominent and cultural potent destinations of India, Maharajas’ Express has won several accolades for its royal élan, luxurious services and gracious hospitality since the time of its inception.

When it comes to the facilities of Maharajas’ Express, this luxury tourist train is capable of giving run over money to both its Indian and international counterparts.

A journey aboard this luxury rail is by the far the most costly affair in the history of Indian luxury trains but certainly a dream turning reality for an overseas voyager.

Each experience that one gets to savor aboard gets etched in the bouquet of memory and brings smile on the face of traveler. Mentioned below are the facilities housed on board this train which sets Maharajas’ Express apart from its competitors.

Plush Accommodation

Living Room

Maharajas’ Express is set with 14 guest carriages comprising of 20 deluxe cabins, 18 junior suites, 4 suites and a presidential suite something previously unheard in a luxury train.

All these cabins and suites exhibit architectural finesse of bygone era which is aptly complemented by the state of the art amenities such as individual climate control, Wi-Fi internet, electronic safe, satellite TV, direct dial phones and en-suite bathrooms.

Adding to the five star experiences is the gracious and personalized service offered by the bonhomie butler exclusively appointed for each carriage.

Restaurants in Maharajas’ Express

Mayur Mahal - The Dining Car

The two in-house restaurants namely Mayur Mahal and Rang Mahal serve an array of gourmet delicacies to appease the palate of the guests.

While Rang Mahal is characterized by a gold floral motif on vermillion, Mayur Mahal with its mirror mosaic ceilings and high-backed chairs with peacock feather patterns is a true symbol of royal dining.

Both these restaurants have a seating capacity of 42 people in all and features gold plated tableware’s monogrammed with letter M.

Safari Bar in Maharajas’ Express

The Safari Bar - Maharajas' Express

A fine symbol of languidness, Safari Bar is fully stocked with an eclectic assortment of wines and champagnes from France, New World and India along with appetizers and snacks to lift your spirits.

The appointment of sommelier has been done to help you choose the best among the lot.

Rajah Lounge & Treasure Chest

Maharajas Express - Rajah Club

Equipped with games table, club arm chair, exquisite collection of books and choicest wines and spirits, Rajah Club is the best place to engage in a conversation with fellow travelers in a nonchalant ambience.

On the other hand, Treasure Chest is a high-end boutique where guests can shop for gifts and souvenir items for perfect memorabilia.

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