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Places to Visit in Orchha with Maharaja Express | Top Tourist Attraction

by Lokesh
Chhatris, Orchha

The moment you hear the word Maharaja Express, luxuriousness runs in your imagination, and excitement strikes like a whistle. But how would it taste when we mix its royal vibes and comfort with the incredible history. Find out this by enjoying the journey of Orchha with Maharaja Express. We bet your mind is creating images of this staggering train ride. And deep down somewhere in your heart, you want to experience this feeling of royalty once in your life. To make this imagination quintessential, we have brought the list of best places to visit in Orchha with Maharaja Express.

Keep reading to get the picture-perfect idea about the must-visit places in Orchha and turn this imagination into reality by booking a tour of Orchha with Maharaja Express.

The Maharaja Express can be described as luxury running on the wheel of excitement. You will enjoy the next level of comfort with world-class amenities in Maharaja Express. It is one of the most luxurious and famous trains in India that also takes you to the majestic city of India-Orchha.

This beautiful town of Madhya Pradesh displays Mughal-influenced Rajput palaces, temples, and royal chhatris. With the list of top places to visit in Orchha, you will get back into the past, where the original grandeur of the monument is still charming. The Betwa River fills the space of serenity in this town. And the ambiance of this town makes it more enchanting.

Let’s jump into the list of places to visit in Orchha with Maharaja Express.

  1. Orchha Fort- Witness the charismatic architecture
  2. Jhansi Fort- Get a fine view of history
  3. Chhatris- Enjoy the unforgettable sight of Chhatris on the Betwa River
  4. Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary- Observe scenic marvel with Jungle Safari
  5. Chaturbhuj Temple- A holy visit to the historical temple.

Orchha Fort: Witness the charismatic architecture


Architecture is a big part of this quaint town of Madhya Pradesh, and Orchha Fort is a perfect example of that. This piece of wonder is situated on the island of Betwa River and is home to temples and palaces. This fort has already achieved the supremacy of architecture. But now, its fascinating stories of the past are reciting through its ruins.

Orchha Fort has the potential to take you back to old-time and give you a feeling of royalty. From art and history to stories and breathtaking scenery, everything makes it a must-visit place in Orchha. There are three main complexes in this fort that show the ultimate uniqueness and beauty. Jahangir Mahal, Raja Mahal, and Rai Parveen Mahal are also the main attractions of this fort.

To witness the history and royal vibes, you can visit Raja mahal. Jahangir Mahal introduces you to the brilliance of architecture. The most enthralling mahal is Rai Parveen Mahal that offers a dense garden environment around. It is built in remembrance of Rai Parveen. She was a beautiful dancer and poet, and you can ask locals about the connection of King and Rai Parveen during the trip to Orchha.

Timing for Fort: 8:00 am to 6: 00 pm

For a better experience: Catch the spectacular view from the balcony.

Top Historical Forts in the Land of the Maharajas

Jhansi Fort: Get a fine view of history

Jhansi fort

Orchha has a long history, war, art, and architecture. The historical stories of war still give us goosebumps and captivate us to know more about it. When we think about the mix of history and war, Jhansi Fort always remains on the list of top places to visit in Orchha. It is also known as Rani Jhansi ka Quila that was built by Raja Bir Singh around 400 years back. It is settled on a rocky hill called Bangira in the town of Balwantnagar, which is currently known as Jhansi.

The view from this mahal is intoxicating and adds a different charm to your trip. A visit to Jhansi Fort is all about displaying the tough time faced by the people of Orchha in the British Era. It has covered an area of 49 acres and is one of the preeminent fortified areas in the country. You will witness the ancient sculptures by visiting the museum of this fort. There is a museum inside the Jhansi Mahal that has ancient sculptures. You can get insight into the history of Bundelkhand by exploring the museum.

Timing of fort: 6: 00 am to 6: 30 pm

For a better experience: Enjoy the sound and light show

Chhatris: Enjoy the unforgettable sight of Chhatris on the Betwa River

Chhatris, Orchha

While planning out things to do in Orchha, exploring the bunch of Chatris in Orchha should not be missed. These 15 masterpieces are located on the Kanchana Ghats of the Betwa River. Visiting Chhatris during your tour of Orchha is one of the best things to do.

These beautiful pieces of art display the glorious past of the erstwhile rulers. Looking at these same shape and size collections of Chhatris will mesmerize you. This place is counted as one of the most striking and imposing tourist attractions in Orchha. These all structures are the remembrance of the rulers of Orchha. The best thing about this place is its reflection that falls on the Betwa river. You will be captivated by looking at this magnificent sight of this place.

Timing for Chhatris: 7: 00 am to 10: 00 pm

For a better experience: Visit in the morning or evening.

Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary: Observe scenic marvel with Jungle Safari

If your desire asks you for something different after exploring the architectural beauty, then a wildlife sanctuary is ideal for you. This wildlife sanctuary opens a gate to experience the closeness of nature with thrill. After filling your vacation with the historical attractions of Orchha, it is time to admire a different side of this city. A close encounter with nature soothes your mind, body, and soul. One of the most astonishing things about this sanctuary is the magnificent view of the river and dense forest.

River Betwa passes through this Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary and enhances its charm for tourists. The magnificent flora and fauna and marine life give you a mix of thrill and beauty. It is home to a variety of animals and around 200 species of birds. Adding a touch of wilderness to your tour makes it more appealing and enchanting. A jungle safari in Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary allows you to spot Tigers, Blue bulls, and monkeys, Langurs, and Jackals Leopards.

Timing for Sanctuary: 7: 00 am to 6: 00 pm

For a better experience: Carry telescope, camera, and hat

Chaturbhuj Temple: A holy visit to the historical temple

Chaturbhuj Temple, Orchha

When the thought of spirituality strikes in your mind, Chaturbhuj Temple is one of the best places to visit during an Orchha Trip. Chaturbhuj temple is located on a huge rocky platform near Raja Mahal. This temple has its charm like any other attraction of Orchha. It was constructed in the 16th Century by Raja Madhukar as the residence of Lord Vishnu.

You need to cross the numerous stairs to reach the temple. But climbing steps would be a pleasure after getting the view from the top. You will be impressed by getting the breathtaking view from the temple. Every moment you spend here will give you a feeling of rejuvenation, and fill your heart with bliss. You will be stunned by looking at the outside of the Chaturbhuj Temple, which is decorated with lotus symbols. Apart from that, the architectural style that is inspired by the forts is a feast for your eyes.

Timing for Temple:9:00 am to 5: 00 pm

For a better experience: Apart from witnessing the view and architecture, experience spirituality

It is the list of some best places of Orchha to visit while the Maharaja Express tour takes you to this picturesque city. These places are rich in history and display the incredible past of this city. Being located on the bank of a river makes it more charming.The experience that you will get in Orchha will stay in your heart for life long.  So be ready to explore the unexplored charm of this city and weave some new and cherishable memories with your friends and family.

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