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How Much Should to Tip During the Maharajas’ Express Tour

by Gaurav
Maharaja express

Tipping is entirely the matter of one’s own discretion and is largely determined by your status. Even the most seasoned travelers are puzzled by this perennial question that how much to tip while traveling to India. In the context of Maharajas’ Express, one can be assured of the high end status of the guests as the introductory tariff of this Indian luxury train is INR 3,05,800. Hence from cabin attendants to wine stewards, all the staff aboard this luxury tourist train can expect good returns in exchange for their services. In this post, I will talk about few factors that determine how much to tip while travelling onboard Maharajas’ Express.

1. Maharajas’ Express offers accommodation in terms of 20 deluxe cabins, 18 junior suites, 4 suites and an upscale presidential suite spanning over entire carriage and the option you select to travel on board will speak about your status. So if you are staying in a presidential suite, your cabin attendant will expect a more gratuity than from those staying in a deluxe cabin. Suggested Tip: Rs.1000 per day

2. Another factor that determines the tipping culture while traveling on board Maharajas’ Express is the quality and quantity of your luggage. Therefore, more the luggage, the higher will be the tip. Also if your carriage is lifted by more than one person, the equal amount should be paid to each person. Suggested Tip: Rs. 200 per person.

3. The services offered by the train staff is a major factor to ascertain the amount of gratuity to be paid. While drinking at the on-site bar, 10% percent of the total bill is fair enough. However while dining out in a five star restaurant, go for 15% of the total amount.

4. The duration of your stay is an imperative factor for the gratuity to be handed out. For a golden triangle journey like the Gems of India and the Treasures of India that span over 4 days, you can be a little generous with the tip amount. However for an 8 day journey, you won’t require to tip a lot.

It is not mandatory to hand out tips and neither state tourism board or the railway authorities encourage you to do that. It is always a matter of personal discretion wherein a guest complements the services offered.

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