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Maharaja Express Journey : Luxury Experience in Shorter Span

by Gaurav
Maharajas Express Train India

The recent repackaging of Maharajas’ Express tour itineraries has resulted in the creation of two shorter itineraries catering to the travelers constrained by the busy dynamics of daily life. Treasures of India and Gems of India are the two golden triangle tour itineraries introduced by this Indian luxury train. Since both of them are the newly launched itineraries and yet to be experienced by the travelers, one can only paint a dream picture on the canvas of mind regarding this luxury train tour experience. Beginning from USD 3580 per person per journey, these golden triangle tour itineraries takes guests on a whirlwind jaunt across three prominent tourist destinations in India – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur along with a halt in tiger abode Ranthambore National Park. Listed below are some of the exclusive insider experiences that one can savor during the course of 3 nights/4 day’s journey aboard Maharaja Express train.

•  Well the journey commence with a royal red carpet welcome where in band of musicians offer royal salute, traditionally attired women string garland around your neck and daub vermillion mark on your forehead.

•  Maharajas’ Express occupies a presidential suite spanning entire carriage something previously unheard in a luxury train. The experience could be no less than staying in the best of five star hotels in the country.

•  A refreshing Champagne breakfast atop Taj Khema while beholding the shimmering beauty of Taj Mahal is one of the several exclusive insider experiences offered during the journey.

•  Hop on an open air Marshal and explore the diverse moods of royal cats living in the precincts of Ranthambore National Park.

•  Take delight in Exhibition Elephant Polo Match following which tempt your taste buds with lip smacking supper at an exclusive venue.

Gems of India and Treasures of India itinerary have been specially crafted for those travelers who cannot plan long vacations due to time constraints. Although the larger than life experience offered on board Maharajas’ Express comes to end soon due to the shorter time span of these aforementioned itineraries but are truly worth the money spent.

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