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What makes Maharajas Express the Most Luxurious Train in the World?

by Gaurav
Maharajas Express Rang Mahal

The luxury train travelling in India attained a new high with the arrival of Maharajas’ Express on the scene. Owing to its spectacular amenities, hospitable staff and exclusive experiences, the luxury train has won several coveted awards such as Conde Nast Traveler and the World Travel Award.

Listed below are the some top features that set apart this luxury train from its western counterparts.

Presidential Suite:

Master Bedroom Presidenial Suite

One of its kind in the world, the 448 square feet Presidential suite of Maharaja Express occupies the entire carriage. It is an ideal accommodation option for those guests who believe in living life ‘king size’. It is equipped with two bedrooms, a living cum dining room and two attached bathrooms.

Gold Plated Cutlery:

Rang Mahal

There are two fine dining restaurants on board Maharajas Express train – Mayur Mahal and Rang Mahal – which offers food on the gold plated cutleries monogrammed with letter M.

Bar cum Lounge:

Rahaj Club

The Rajah Club is the on-site lounge cum bar where guests can engage in a chat with their fellow travelers over a glass of champagne, wine or beer. A libraray is also available with wide range of books on royal families of India.


There is a boutique called Treasure Chest on board Maharajas’ Express from where guests can buy exquisite handicrafts, mugs, accessories and decorative items.

Pneumatic Hydraulic Suspension:

The luxury train has been designed with the use of state of the art technology which include pneumatic hydraulic suspension system that avoid jerks that passengers often experience during the train journey.

Security Measures:

CCTV cameras have been placed on board Maharajas’ Express to avoid any unforeseen event. Each cabin on board this luxury train features an electronic safe

Insider Experiences:

Elephant Polo Match at Jaipur

Maharajas’ Express journeys comes with some exclusive experiences which makes it stand apart from other luxury trains. Some of the experiences include Elephant Polo Match, High Tea with Maharajas in their Palaces and Royal Lunch at City Palace in Udaipur.

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