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6 Reasons why you Should Take an Indian Panorama Journey | Journey Delhi to Delhi

by Gaurav

It doesn’t hurt to be treated like a royalty every once in a while, right? And when the journey is with Indian Panorama of Maharajas’ Express, its time you feel like the King/Queen. This luxury train tour is counted among the best journeys to experience wildlife, spirituality, heritage, architecture, and culture all at once.

So without much thinking, let’s know why Indian Panorama Journey of Maharajas’ Express is worth spending your money on!

1.  One journey to leave you smitten

I know you would have scrolled through all the journeys that Maharajas’ Express offer. Which one caught your eye? I think it’s definitely Indian Panorama. This luxury train tour comes across as a complete package when you are not running short on time. Because all the destinations that you explore need their moment to unfold and display their charm.

2.  It’s all about luxury and comfort

Remember we talked about feeling like a King/Queen, we weren’t kidding there. Giving its guests the best of everything with a side of comfort is the driving force of this journey. Along with taking care of your cabins, best in class meals, Indian Panorama has much more to offer. Royal tea, Golf games, champagne breakfast, spa sessions, elephant painting are just a quick glimpse of what all there awaits your presence.

3.  No deviations, eyes on the beauty only!

One of the reasons that you might love Indian Panorama journey is for its selection of destinations. While you would see other train journeys in the race to cover as much as possible. This one, on the other hand, makes sure you just get the best out of the best. Which will be quite clear when you take a look at the tourist places covered; Delhi, Jaipur, Ranthambore, Agra, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Lucknow being on the list.

4.  Delicacies you cannot say no

We all know how annoying our growling stomach can be when we are exploring. Am I right or am I right. Taking care to another level, the itinerary makes sure you try something new with every new place you visit. By this I mean, that the chefs get into a lot of homework as to what would make your stomach happy and let you relish the different flavors. Amazing, hungry already?

5.  Slow and steady because there are loads to cover

I know how you took time out for this vacation, shout out to your spirit for traveling. This love and spirit is something Indian Panorama also understands and hence takes its time when covering destinations. This means that when you would be sightseeing any tourist attraction, you can take your time for shopping or indulging in something else. The train won’t surely chug away, so enjoy!

6.  Get to meet people from across the globe

Whether you are planning this trip to be solo or your family and friends are tagging along, you are sure to meet new people. It’s like all the people who share the same love for traveling, trying out places together. Won’t it be a lot of fun knowing them, their experiences and what made them come all the way to India? Indeed! Interesting topics must have already started brewing in your mind, I’m sure!

Now that I have listed down all the reasons, I think now you know why this itinerary is best among others. Even Maharajas Express would agree! So, now that you have all the things cleared, don’t overthink and get ready to relish this luxury experience.

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