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Maharaja Express Honored Again: Finds itself among Top Rated Trains Globally

by Gaurav

In one of the most exciting news for Indians, the country’s pride and premiere luxury train, The Maharajas’ Express has been ranked as one of the top rated trains in the world.

Maharajas Express among the top-rated trains in the world

In a survey that was conducted by the New World Health, The Maharajas’ Express came on the fourth spot according to the preferences of the Super Rich whereas Easter and Oriental Express (Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand) grabbed the first position.

As per the website of Maharajas’ Express’s website, the train has “redefined the luxury travel experience by offering guests the opportunity to explore fabled destinations providing a glimpse of rich cultural heritage of Incredible India…” The Travel Packages that the train offers range from USD 3,000 to nearly USD 24,000 (approximately Rs. 16 lakhs).

Other elite trains that found their name in the list are Blue Train (South Africa), Pride of Africa (Rovos Rail), The Orient Express (Europe and Turkey) etc.

The survey, which was organized by the New World Wealth also cited the iconic Plaza Hotel of New York in another study on hotels in which multi-millionaires from around the world voted.

The report published on the survey further stated that Africa held all the leading positions in the top rated trains in the world with both Blue Train and Pride of Africa, appearing in the list.

The study which interviews over 800 HNWIs to know their preferences is an annual survey.

Maharajas’ Express is Special

  • The Maharajas’ Express was inaugurated in March 2010. The train is a joint venture with Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).
  • Comprising of five circuits, the train travels to 12 destinations, letting the visitors experience the incredible cultural heritage of India.
  • There are separate suites and cabins within the train. Besides there are Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal for Lunch and Dinner and the train also has a bar.
  • Maharajas’ Express boast of 23 spacious carriages including restaurant carriages, bar carriages, guest carriages, generator, parlor and store autos.

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