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Maharajas’ Express Facilities

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Travel as once did the Maharajas of India, with your own butlers and all the elegance of a bygone era getting high on spirits in the exclusive Safari Bar served in imported hand-cut crystal glasses, or over a range of world cuisine and Indian delicacies served on fine Limoges plates and gold & silver-plated cutlery in one of two exclusive restaurants.

Yet unlike the days of maharajas, state-of-the-art amenities such as Wi-Fi in rooms, plasma TVs with satellite channels, DVD players and individual climate control will ensure premium luxury that even the maharajas would envy.

Dining Car

Gracefully appointed Mayur Mahal (Peacock Restaurant) and Rang Mahal (Haveli Restaurant) serve an eclectic mix of delectable cuisines in a relaxing ambiance. Each car can accommodate 42 persons at a time. These minimally furnished and quaintly decorated cabins have been designed keeping in mind the need for comfort and space of the guests.


Safari Bar is a well-stocked bar with a variety of finest labels of wines and spirits from around the world in an enchantingly decadent setting of a royal safari. Reclaim yourself with a choice from a menu having crème de la crème of wines and spirits along with innovative cocktails.


Rajah Club with en-suite bar is equipped with games tables and club arm-chairs to pamper and relax the guests in a laid-back atmosphere. Rajah Club with en-suite bar is equipped with games tables and club arm-chairs to pamper and relax the guests in a laid-back atmosphere.

Bedroom Cabins

There are 14 passenger cabins aboard the Maharajas' Express; 5 deluxe cabins, 6 junior suites, 2 suites, and the majestic presidential suite. All the cabins come equipped with either twin beds or a double bed along with direct-dial phones, LCD TVs, DVD players, internet, individual temperature control, and electronic safe. An en-suite bathroom with a shower is also available with the cabins.

Services and Facilities of Maharaja Express Train

Lounge, Observation Car, and Treasure Chest

Maharajas Club is the plush Observation car with relaxing chairs where guests can observe the landscape spool by. It is also equipped with a library, personal bar, and a souvenir shop, and a great place to socialize and collect memorabilia.

Maharajas Transport

Transportation comes complimentary for off- train excursions at each destination. Whereas the guests in Deluxe Cabins and Junior suites are accommodated in deluxe coaches for sightseeing, the guests in Suites and Presidential Suites are provided with cars. All the vehicles have complimentary kits which include candies, shoe uppers, tissues, bottle coolers, and other things.


High- speed internet access is available on board the train. However, the internet signals can vary in the moving train but do improve when the train is at a halt.


In order to assist your luggage, porters have been appointed at the point of embarkation and disembarkation.


Each guest carriage on board the train has been appointed with a personal butler to entertain the guests 24 x 7.


The voltage available on board this luxury train is 110/220 volts. International adapters are also provided on the train.


During the off- train excursions, you will be accompanied by professional English- speaking guides. If there is any special requirement of a language speaking guide, kindly inform us at the time of booking.

Telephone calls

Telephone facilities are available on board. External call charges are additional and are not included in the cost of the journey.

Bed and Bath Linen

In order to maintain hygiene, guests are requested to be cooperative with the staff and let them change bed and bath linens every day.

Hot Water

For hot running water, switch on the geysers 20 minutes before usage.


All cabins in the train are equipped with electronic safes.

You can keep your travel documents, passport, cash etc in the safe. It is advisable that you have all your personal effects insured.

Hair dryers

All the washrooms on board have hair dryers.

Guest Cabins

Maharaja Express Train has 43 well-appointed guest cabins that include 20 deluxe, 18 junior suites, 4 suites, and 1 presidential suite that can accommodate up to 88 passengers on every journey. Accommodations on the train are available as twin cabins and double cabins. Each cabin can accommodate 2 passengers except for the presidential suite which can accommodate up to a maximum of 4 passengers.

Dining and Bar

There are two restaurants on board, each with a seating capacity of 42 passengers at a time. The restaurants namely - Peacock and Rang Mahal - serve multiple cuisines from around the world including the traditional Indian, Chinese, Continental, and authentic Mewari cuisines. Guests can also order house brands of wine, spirits, and beers along with an array of well- known brands from around the world. Whereas the dining is table d´hote, guests will have to pay extra for their drinks if they prefer taking something other than the house brands.

A well- stocked bar named Safari is an ideal place to get to know your fellow traveler over a couple of drinks and snacks in a laid- back ambiance.


Laundry service at Maharajas´ Express Train is made available at select destinations. Guests can easily avail this service by directly contacting the carriage butler while onboard.

Cell Phones

It is advised to all the guests to keep their cell phones on silent mode or vibration so that none of the fellow passengers feel an inconvenience during the trip. Doing this becomes mandatory while visiting certain monuments and places on the journey. The reception of cell phone networks varies on the moving train but improves when the train is at a halt.


Telephone Calls

All the cabins in Maharaja Express Train also have telephone facilities. 

Note: The tariff of the train journey does not include the cost of external calls made by the guests on board.

On-Board Safe

Each cabin is equipped with an electronic safe and all the guests are requested to keep their valuables inside the safe. If the guests fail to follow the protocol, the train management will not be responsible for any loss of valuables and the guests will have to bear it as their responsibility.

Minimum Passenger Requirement

All the 4 journeys offered by Maharajas´ Express train require a certain number of minimum passengers to operate. If that number is not met, you´ll be either given a new journey date or a refund. 30 days of advance indication will be given in such situations.


Special Excursions/Events

For special events, signature excursions, and guest lecturers, an additional supplement will be charged on certain departures.

Pre and Post Tours

If you are looking forward to exploring India before or after your journey on board Maharajas Express, you can do the same with us. For more information, please refer to our website or contact us for further details.


Train Manager

All the onboard guests can contact the train manager for any special request, query, or problem. The manager will be available on board 24x7 to adhere to the problems or queries of all the guests.

Special Dietary Requirement

If you have some special pre-requisites in respect to food, kindly mention it at the time of booking so that the on board staff can accommodate your culinary requests.

General Informations of Maharaja Express Train


Enhance your India visit experience by prolonging your stay after the luxurious Maharajas´ Express’s journey. Mention the requirements and preferred destinations you would like to travel to after or before the train journey.


All the 4 journeys offered by Maharajas Express train are all- inclusive of accommodation in twin-sharing or double- sharing cabins, on board meals, in- house brand of wines & spirits, butler services and guided off- train excursions.


Taxes, insurance, telephone calls, laundry, video & still camera, alcoholic beverages outside the train, arrival and departure fees are excluded from the price of Maharajas´ Express journeys and the guests will have to bear it.

Pre and Post Hotel Accommodation

Pre and post accommodation is not complimentary with the train ticket. It is recommended to take a minimum of one day pre and post accommodation of the journey. For more information regarding pre and post- tour accommodation, please refer to our website or contact us for further details.

Smoking Policy

As per Indian Law - Smoking in India is prohibited in all public places including public transport, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, educational institutions, and parks etc.

Child Policy

  • Children below 5 years shall be allowed free of cost to travel
  • For a single child (5 years - 12 years) the guests will have to pay 50% of the adult fare
  • Please note that the train does not have the facility for interconnecting cabins except in the Presidential Suite car.
  • All applicable taxes will be overhead charges for every guest.

International and Domestic Flights

Maharajas Express journeys either originate from Delhi or Mumbai. Both cities are well connected through air internationally. Also, these cities are well connected through roads and rails. 

The price of your flight journey is not included in the price of the train ticket. It is recommended that you book your plane ticket with us to avail a special package offer and exclusive prices. For further details refer to our website or contact us.

Personal Travel Insurance

It is strongly recommended that the guests should have their travel insurance to prevent them from any unforeseen problems that could arise in the country of their origin/domicile. Guests may refer to our booking cancellation policy for further details. 

Also, the Maharajas Express train is fully insured for natural calamities or any such problems such as fire, flood, earthquake, and theft. All passengers are also covered under an umbrella insurance cover.

Off Train Excursions

70 to 80% of your off- train excursions include long- distance walking, therefore it is advised to pack comfortable walking shoes. 

It is to put in notice that the off- train excursions may include long walks in rocky or steeped paths. If a passenger has walking disabilities, he/she must inform the officials prior to the journey.

However, if a passenger or a group causes delays or feels incapable for the excursions, his/ her participation will be refused. Maharaja Express reserves the rights for the same. There will be no refunds for any unused part of the tour.

Baggage Allowance

It is recommended that the guests should carry luggage as per the international airline rules. Soft-topped luggage bags are highly recommended as they acquire less space.

Luggage Allowance

Maharaja Express provides sufficient luggage storage facilities. Luggage can be stored under the bed and a separate cabin. It is advisable to carry along a small lock to keep your belongings safe.

The size under the twin bed is 915mm x 690 mm x 330 mm. And under the double bed is 1370 mm x 940 mm x 330 mm.

Wheelchair Access/Disabled Persons

Unfortunately, there is no facility available for disabled passengers at Maharaja Express Trains. It is recommended that guests with restricted mobility should be accompanied by an able-bodied passenger.

Credit Cards

All credit cards, Master Cards, Visa, and Amex are accepted on board. Surcharges are to be applied on all the transactions made using credit or debit cards.


All the international passengers are expected to keep their valid travel documents and a valid visa (approved by Indian Missions abroad) handy. In case of unavailability, false or expired documents, foreign nationals will be deported.

Foreign nationals having Tourist Visas with a stay stipulation of 180 or 90 days with multiple entry facilities need to have a gap of at least two months between the visits. However, if there is a lesser gap, special permissions are needed to be sought from the Head of Mission.

Travel Documents

After receiving full payment, you will be issued the travel documents. These will be provided to each passenger with their names, 14 days prior to the journey. The confirmation documents are important to be carried along with you on the trip.

Clothing and travel accessories

  • Summers: lightweight cotton and linens.
  • Winters: lightweight to heavy woolens, shawls, and cotton.
  • Wildlife safari: Earth- shaded, light clothes and wraps. Avoid bright colors.
  • On board: Smart casuals, suitable walking shoes, and nightwear. Don't forget to carry sunscreens, caps/hats, and comfortable footwear.

Currency and Money Exchange

  • Notes are available for: INR 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 2000.
  • Coins are available for INR 1, 2, 5, and 10.
  • Special services are provided regarding currency exchange, you can contact Guest Relations Manager on board for the same.

Special Meals/ Dietary requirements / Medical Conditions

Guests are requested to inform the authorities about their special dietary requirements and medical conditions at the time of booking; doing so will help Maharaja Express staff members to serve better.

It is advised to carry your medicines if you have a dust allergy because you will be experiencing this during wildlife safaris.

Placement of train on platforms

As the passengers deboard the train, it goes ahead for fueling and watering. Hence, it is advised to follow the schedules. You can contact the train manager if you'd like to return earlier or stay back. Guests will be informed about the same after a quick availability check of the train.

Expectations from the guests

It is expected that passengers adhere to the schedule. IRCTC is punctual and works on its timings, if any service or train is missed, that is because of the irresponsibility of the passenger, and there is no alternative provided for that reason.

However, if you are planning to skip an excursion and visit a relative, you must keep the Train Manager in notice. Also, if a passenger or group skips the limits and continues to cause inconvenience to others, there will be consequences that they will have to bear.

Paramedic on Board

In case of a medical emergency, there is a paramedic available on board.


There are no specific medical prerequisites for Indian travel. However, if you are a native of a Yellow Fever endemic country, you must be in possession of a Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate conforming to international health regulations.


All the staff members of the Maharaja Express train are highly qualified to accommodate the different needs of the guests. All staff members are well-versed with things and are comfortable with English for communication.


Maharaja Express trains can be chartered to corporate executives, individuals, and agencies for holding conferences, marriages, and other events.

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