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Places to Visit in Rajasthan with Maharajas Express | Attraction in Rajasthan

by Lokesh
Places to Visit in Rajasthan with Maharaja Express

The Maharajas’ Express introduces you to royalty and lets you feel like a Maharaj (King) throughout the journey. And nothing can be more exciting than traveling like a King to the Land of a King. Yes! We are talking about a tour of Rajasthan with Maharaja Express.

With Rajasthan tour, you will know about the fascinating past of incredible India through majestic forts and palaces. And throughout your Maharaja Express journey,

you will experience the modern amenities and technology with a touch of classical vibes. The mix of these experiences is a name of Maharaj Express tour with Rajasthan.

The list of best places to visit in Rajasthan with Maharaja Express displays royalty, spirituality, and nature. The destinations that you cover through this tour let you connect with engaging stories of romance and dignity.

And you will also step into the glorious culture of Rajasthan by strolling in imperial forts and amazing Havelis. Folk music, arts and crafts, and rich traditional cuisines are some elements that make your trip striking.

Let’s Look at the best places to visit of Rajasthan with Maharaja Express

  • Jaipur- Paint Your Vacation Through the Pink City
  • Ranthambore- A Trip of Wilderness
  • Bikaner- Delve into the Fusion of Spirituality and Past
  • Jodhpur- Experience Superior Royalty
  • Udaipur- A Charming City of Lakes

Jaipur- Paint Your Vacation Through the Pink City

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Beginning from the state’s capital, Jaipur is the largest city of Rajasthan. There is no shadow of a doubt that it is one of the best attractions of Rajasthan through Maharaja Express journey that will give you a blooming start to this tour.

Jaipur is marvel at offering a view of a long history, heritage monuments with the beautiful shade of terracotta pink that covers all the city.

Architectural wonders like Amber Fort and Jantar Mantar are UNESCO World heritage sites of Rajasthan. Apart from the iconic structures like Hawa Mahal, City Palace will find a way to keep a special place in your heart through your eyes.

From witnessing Jal Mahal in the middle of Man Sagar Lake to getting the mesmerizing view of the city from Nahargarh Fort of Aravalli Hills, Jaipur is full of charm and attractions that you will experience at every turn.

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Ranthambore- A Trip of Wilderness


It derives its name from the iconic Ranthambore Fort and is one of the best places in Rajasthan for wildlife lovers. It is home to the Royal Bengal Tigers that offer the natural beauty, wilderness, and ruins of the erstwhile rulers.

This national park is the former hunting grounds of the Maharajas of Jaipur, and now it has become one of the best tourist attractions of Rajasthan. You can explore nearby ancient structures and temples that reflect the bygone era in an enthralling way.

From enjoying sightseeing of tigers and other exotic species of animals to witnessing rare exotic birds, there are many things to do in this National park that keep your excitement mode ON! Jungle Safari, Bird Watching, and Nature Walk are some of the best ways to let the wilderness and thrill hit you together.

Overall it is a top-class place for having a great experience of wildlife sightings.

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Bikaner- Delve into the Fusion of Spirituality and Past


Rajasthan has a long history of Maharajas, wars, valor, kingdoms, and palaces, and you can get a glimpse of everything at Bikaner. This city stores exquisite experience in every corner and viewpoint of it.

You can explore heritage, luxurious, and architectural palaces on Rajasthan tour with Maharajas’ Express. From its geographical aspects to historical significance, Bikaner is proof that it is a gem of Rajasthan that gives you bliss.

Located in the Thar desert, Bikaner was founded in 1488 by Rao Jodha’s son and Rao Bikaji. This city is famous for its Camel festival and is also known as Camel city of India.

You can get an insight into the rich culture of Bikaner by exploring the Junagadh Fort, a masterpiece of art, which is made up of red stone and marble. Apart from that, you can admire the Indo Saracenic architectural marvel at Laxmi Niwas.

Getting blessings from the world-famous temples like Karni Mata Temple (Rat Temple) and the Jain temple of Kodamdesar will add a touch of spirituality to this Rajasthan tour with Maharaja Express.

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Jodhpur- Experience Superior Royalty


Being packed with historical richness and located on the edge of the Thar Desert, Jodhpur is one of the bubbly cities of Rajasthan. This blue city of this state fills your heart with times of treasure that stay in your heart forever.

The magnificent Forts, Palaces, and Temples are some major attractions of Jodhpur, and tourists from all corners of the world come to see them. The different shades of Jodhpur will paint your vacation extraordinarily.

It is known as Sun city because of its sunny weather and the Blue City because of the blue houses near the Mehrangarh Fort. There are numerous attractions in Jodhpur that will make it one of your favorite destinations of Rajasthan on the Maharaja Express journey.

From enjoying the sightseeing with lakes, forts, and temples, to showing the historical charm in many ways, Jodhpur never misses a chance to excite you and give you a gala time.

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Udaipur- A Charming City of Lakes


Once you understand the beauty of Udaipur, you can’t resist yourself to fall in love with this city. This city is the former capital of Mewar Kingdom and is now famous as the City of Lakes.

The beautiful gardens, picturesque lakes, and touch of royalty make it one of the romantic hotspots of Rajasthan. From offering engaging activities to give a feast to your tongues with delicious cuisines, the charm of Udaipur will entice you.

In this city, you can explore old-age-edifices, take a tour of looming mountains, enjoy shopping, and get a great traveling experience for a lifetime.

You can soak in the old charm while getting the mesmerizing bird-‘eye view from the Aravalli range. Udaipur is a complete package that gives you every element to make your vacation remarkable.

You can get blessings from temples, catch the stunning sunset from Fateh Sagar Lake, shop like never before, explore the aquarium and pump your adrenaline rush with a ropeway ride. Everything that Udaipur offers makes it an ideal place to visit in Rajasthan during Maharaja Express.

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What makes Maharaja Express Special?

Being one of the World’s Leading Luxury Trains, Maharaja Express is a luxurious train of India that has won several awards in the tourism world. This train offers four cabins for your luxurious stays; Deluxe, Presidential Suite, Suite, and Junior Suite.

You can get an extreme level of a comfortable experience with this journey as modern amenities like LCD, WI-Fi, temperature controller, eco-friendly bathroom, and direct phone calls are available. The Bar and restaurants give you a unique kind of experience that exhibits the lifestyle of the Royal era.

Every moment that you spend throughout the journey,  will become memorable that you can cherish for a lifetime. The class, comfort, and features of this train is out of the world.

Whether you want to enjoy your stay in your space in the train, or looking to stroll in a bar and restaurant, the feeling of royalty gets in touch with you. Living like a king is all the wish that we had in our childhood, and Maharajas’ Express is one of the ideal ways to give you the exact feeling of it.


The above list of Rajasthan tourist attractions to visit with Maharaja express gives you a clear picture of your tour of Rajasthan. Each place that we have mentioned in our list is mind-boggling and gives you its kind experience.

The Maharaja Express is all about royal feelings that show you what comfort and luxury are called. These places to visit in Rajasthan with Maharajas’ Express fill your heart with satisfaction at each moment.

From the start to the end of the tour, surprises, excitement, joys, and pleasantness are some factors that reflect through your face.

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