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Luxury Maharaja Express set to begin South India tours from Next Year

by Gaurav

The world’s most expensive luxury train ‘Maharaja Express’ is set to begin tours to South India, including Goa, Maharashtra and Kerala from the monsoon season 2017, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu stated today.

Maharaja Express - Luxury Train Travel in India

Goa and the Konkan belt is picturesque beauty with abundant tourist pleasures. To harness the ample scope for tourism in Goa and the Konkan belt, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) is ready to introduce world’s most expensive luxury train ‘Maharaja Express’ to the region.

The Konkan Railway serves as an important lifeline to the people of Goa, Konkan, Karnataka and Kerala. Indian Railway minister laid the foundation stone for the new railway line crossing at Kharepatan in Maharashtra through video conferencing.

Maharajas Express which has won several awards for four consecutive years since its inception. The world’s best luxury train will expand its success. The trip to Konkan are scheduled to begin during the monsoon season of 2017, when the entire region is shrouded in heavenly splendor.

The new journeys of Maharajas’ Express will attract high end tourists to Goa. The extravagant features of the train, the elegant amenities and the charming beauty will appeal to the high-end tourists.

The expensive fare which the top-notch travelers easily pay for the luxuries, will generate revenue for railway as well as the entire region. Goa will be the gem in the crown, the prized destination in the new voyage.

The Railway Minister has further announced that the Konkan Railway Corporation Limited (KRCL) will have ten more railway stations along the Goa, Konkan, Karnataka and Kerala route for which around INR 150 crore will be expended.

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